Looking for unique gift ideas for your Valentine? 

Why not say “I love you” in a different, more organized way this year?


Love Cannot Be Contained (but your stuff can!)  

A gift card to The Container Store lets you and your valentine score some neat organizing products.  Go together and you’ve got the makings of a Get Organized Getaway.


Fuel their Fire

If your special someone hints about organizing the garage, attic, workbench, or other untidy space in your home, give ‘em the gift of enthusiasm.  Clear their calendar, tackle the project with them, or buy supplies you know they’ll need.


A Place for Everything

A Brother P-touch Label Maker makes it crystal clear where to stash stuff. Bundle it with a promise to help put items in their place.



A high volume Shredder – so you can love, honor, and faithfully protect each other’s identities. Nothing says romance like shredded records!


Scan Do

A Fujitsu Scansnap will help make papers piled high on your desk and other parts of your home magically “disappear.”  Filing with finesse–saves time and space!


Thanks for the Memories

Digitize your vintage family photos, slides, and movies–for now and for generations to come. Legacy Republic is my go-to resource for this process.


By the Book 

You can also take your 1000s of digital photos off your phone and create inexpensive photo books using an app called Chatbooks.


Picture This

Capture masterpieces made by your “minis.” ArtKive let’s you snap photos of kids’ works of art, upload ‘em and sit back and wait for a photo book to arrive. Coffee table not included.


Location, Location, Location 

Make it easier to find things that “somehow” get misplaced.  Tile is a tiny bluetooth tracker app that helps find your phone, keys, and anything you don’t want to lose-in seconds. Cannot help if you lose your heart!


Heart and Hands

No better way to show your love than to lend a helping hand with routine errands, chores and appointments.  Any one of these gifts can be life-changing for your loved one:


The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Buying an organizing package with a Certified Professional Organizer® (yours truly) helps your special valentine bring order to his or her world. Let me help show how much you love your valentine this year!


Anyone can stop at the local jeweler or pick up flowers on the way home from work. And, truth be told, this organizer won’t say no to these gifts, but for those of you who want to think outside the box consider the above ideas to show your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Certified Professional Organizer® Andrea Walker is passionate about helping her clients. As owner and founder of Smartly Organized, LLC, a professional organizing firm headquartered in New Jersey, Andrea has been helping discerning clients accomplish their organizing goals since 2010. Her attention to detail and high level of service set her apart from her peers. Contact her at 917.846.9953 or andrea@smartlyorganized.com.

A Smartly Organized move is the smartest move you will ever make™.

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