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Although our specialty is all things related to moving and relocation, Smartly Organized, LLC does offer a range of services. We tackle any of your organizational needs including; closets, garages, basements, attics, kitchens and more. We create organizational systems that work for your family for years to come.

Organizing Your Life

How would you like your new or existing home to look like this?  We create organizational systems that not only look good but function well for you and your family. Organization makes for smoother mornings, increased creativity, greater productivity, and a sense of control and feelings of well-being.  Don’t overlook the benefits of organizing your stuff.  Physical clutter leads to mental clutter.  Let the team at Smartly Organized help you and your family enjoy the benefits of being smartly organized.

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When You’re Ready to Sell, Are You Ready to be Seen?

Home Staging:   the art of  {re} designing a home for sale in the real estate marketplace.

The goal of home staging is to make the space appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more quickly and, ultimately, for more money. Research shows that buyers have an easier time visualizing the property as their future home when it is staged properly.  At Smartly Organized we combined the power and beauty of organization to maximize your home’s appeal.   We stage your home while getting you ready for your move by clearing the clutter and streamlining your possessions.  This powerful combination saves you valuable time, money and energy.  Your home gets one chance to make an impression, make it count!  Take a look at recent examples of our home staging.

Total Transformations

If you had to move tomorrow would you be ready?  Not likely!   Your house is a living breathing entity that provides comfort and support for your family.   It’s where you all come together after a long day of work, school, chores, carpools, and other activities to just BE.  It’s full of your stuff.   Keeping your home in perfect order takes a lot of effort.  Making it photo-ready for listing is a whole other challenge.  Buyers don’t want to see your stuff. They want to envision their stuff in your home.  They want to feel an emotional connection – not with you – with your house.  So, when it comes time to move the key to a quick and profitable sale is Smartly Organized, LLC.  Take a look at a few homes that we’ve transformed for our clients.  Inside and out, top to bottom…total transformations = total relief! back to top

Madison, NJ

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Sale pending! In a mere seven days this house was transformed and listed for sale. Smartly Organized managed the project which included finishing the previously unfinished basement and painting the entire interior of the home. Along with our signature organization and staging we enabled this family to take advantage of the hot summer real estate market.

Madison, NJ

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This home sold for $52,000 more than list price after organization and staging by Smartly Organized. It was also under contract in 9 days! Defining rooms, making modest repairs, and reducing vision clutter made this home stand out and sell quickly!

Chatham, NJ

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On and gone in 4 Days! And, $16,000 over the asking price. A modest investment reaps huge rewards for this family. Just weeks before listing this home the kitchen was updated with new appliances, hardwood floors, and painted cabinets. The entire home was painted inside and out. Light fixtures updated, carpet replaced. Smartly Organized staged this mostly empty house with the owner's cast off items and a few updated accessories. All it takes is some organization, vision, and staging expertise!

Hall of Fame

The end results of some projects are just so remarkable that they make it into our Hall of Fame.  These are the projects that challenge our team to be creative, solve seemingly unsolvable problems, and offer life-changing solutions to our clients.  We love all our projects – organizing and staging homes for sale, downsizing seniors to comfortable new digs, creating storage and organizational solutions for young families – and appreciate the trust we receive from our clients to help them.  Whether they are upsizing, downsizing, renovating or relocating we are here to help make the process stress-free and easy.

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