What’s for Dinner?

Don't Stress Over Dinner! Tips for Weekday Meals during the Holidays   The holidays are meant for spending time with friends and family, not for stressing over what you are going to feed the brood. We are already stretched thin so advanced planning is a key...

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Deck The Halls

Holiday Decorating and De-cluttering Tips   The countdown to December 25th seems to start earlier every year.  As a kid I remember thinking it would never come but as a parent I now realize it's a mad dash to the finish line for most.  Getting organized for the...

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Moving with Military Precision

For most, moving is stressful, time-consuming, and challenging.  For some, it's all in a day's work. Growing up near the US Naval Base in Groton, CT many of my childhood friends were from military families.   Kids came and went each summer as their fathers and mothers...

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